Tuesday, February 1, 2011

タッティング本とBead and Button December 2010 issue Tatting and Beading books

Present from my sis, Mei Ooi.
I love these 2 designs most in the issue.
A beaded Christmas bauble and a crisscross crystal bracelet.

このは、DVD ROMを付属していますけれども、それはなかった
My second daughter borrowed this tatting book from the
National Library of Singapore.
Though this book comes with a DVD Rom but it was not
attached with it.
For me to refresh my tatting skills, this is the book that
I can find lots of techniques and designs to practice...
must slot in some space in my craft time table.

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CeiPui said...

Oh I did some tatting once, I had a lot of FUNs with it!

But, no time for it, at least not in the near future!