Saturday, February 12, 2011

おもちシールと年賀状 Japanese stickers and New Year Card

Received these last month from my Japanese friend,
Mrs. Keiko Ikeda.
Thank you very much, dear.

3D Japanese New Year stickers


These are really cute 2011 new year stickers!!
They are colorful stickers with plum blossoms, goldfish , turtle,
rice cake decorations for new year and etc.
Some Japanese made their own New Year cards and they always decorate
the cards with beautiful stickers which can be found almost every corner in Japan.
There are over thousands of designs made of difference type of materials,
like washi paper, resins, etc.
I kept these stickers instead of use them for my New Year cards.

Origami New Year card.


A lovely and beautiful New Year card with my favorite ningyo.
This design is quite complicated compare with the others I have done before.
But still, I will try to do it one day....when is that one day.. *0o*

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