Thursday, February 24, 2011

キャッツアイのフラワーリング Cats Eye Flower Motif Ring Code: RG 6804

チェコビーズとピンク, ブラック、パープルのキャッツアビーズでまとめて

商品番号 : RG 6804
価格 :  日本円とリンッギ


A lovely and charming ring with blooming flowers.
Cats eye beads and petite seed beads were used to make the pretty flowers.
These flowers were surrounded by Czech beads as the base.
Two strips of mini beads with cats eye swinging gracefully......

Code: RG 6804
Price:  Japanese Yen and Ringgit Malaysia.


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Very pretyy!!! nice colors!!!

Cari said...

Es preciosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUCY said...

Un precioso trabajo, me encanta....

MELI-BEADS said...

Love the colours of it!