Saturday, 21 July 2018

Netting Necklace *I* ネッティングネックレス *I* Code : NE 130

Necklace woven with Japanese  seed beads , donut glass beads and pearls.
The beautiful interweaving of beads forms a lace collar. 
This  bead work necklace perfectly fits everyday and festive clothing. 
This  netted necklace is also suitable as a wedding jewelry. 
This  delicate and gorgeous  necklace will lie on your neck.

The beads are so light that the necklace is very comfortable and the beads just conform to your body. 

Length 16.5 Inches (41 cm) + extension chain 2 inches (5 cm)
Code: NE 130
Price: Ringgit Malaysia and Japanese Yen


商品番号:NE 130

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Coffrets de Gateau: Framboise du bran chocolat コフレ・ドゥ・ガトーフランボワーズ・ドゥ・ブランショコラ Code: ST 1301

Coffrets de Gateau Framboise du bran chocolat in French
 is raspberry chocolate cake box.
The cover is decorated with Czech beads, pearls, teardrop beads.
seed beads and Swarovski crystals. Lovely lace go around the 
cake cover. 
The box diameter is approx. 2.8cm, depth is 2.7cm
This bead stitch kit is very complicated and took a long time to do.
Code: ST 1301
Price: Malaysia Ringgit and Japanese Yen

商品番号: ST 1301
価格 :マレーシアリンギットと日本円

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Tutu Beads - Melody green dress メロディーグリンビーズドレス Code : MIDR 316

 Front View

 Back view

 Side view

 Top view

Bottom View

今回のドレスは 高さ約8cmのミニトルソーに着せています。




商品番号:MIDR 316

Beading kit from Tutu Beads, Japan。
A simple RAW pattern but the skirt part need to change color all the way making it hard to continue without referring to the pattern.
The top part of the dress is weave with Swarovski crystals and rhinestone beads.
The skirt with size 11/0 seed beads and colorful pearls.
Mannequin is about 8 cm tall and the dress is made surrounding the mannequin.

Code: MIDR 316

Friday, 6 July 2018

Japan Toho bead stitch ruby gown TOHOビーズステッチドレスルビーカラー Code: MIDR 315

トルソー(本体)高さ/約 14 cm.

商品番号:MIDR 315 

価格 : マレーシアリンギット

A beautiful bead stitch gown bought 2 yrs ago. (*:*)

The instruction is very complicated and I have to
redo 3 times.
It's so gorgeous and the frill at the bottom of the
skirt is the most lovely part.
The nylon thread is One ・G by Toho Co Ltd.
It doesn't fray or split and the quality is very good
compared to other nylon thread I used before.
Height of mannequin : 14cm
Waist : 9cm
Frill at the bottom of the skirt : L to R is 12cm
Code: MIDR 315
Price: Ringgit Malaysia

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Taking a Break from Straits Quay Weekend Market スドレト・キーマーケット出店出来ない

I will be absent from Straits Quay weekend market for some time due to my recent surgery.
If you like  to get any gifts for yourself or friends, please email me or message me quoting the code number, length and  color of the product.
Thank you very much for your continuous support. 

申し訳ございません、最近の手術 のために、しばらくスドレト・キーの 週末マーケットは出店できない。
LINE and Whatsapp : +6012 4609505   
WeChat ID : angelineyoshiko   

Monday, 4 June 2018

Flower bouquet ring Code : RG 0816   ブーケリング

A bouquet of little pink flowers ring.
Handmade with Cats Eye beads, Czech Fire Polished beads, Swarovski crystals and Japananse petite beads
A lovely accessory for your collection.
Code: RG 0816
Size : 6 3/4 cm
Price : Malaysia Ringgit

素材 :キャッツアイビーズ、スワロ水晶、特小ビーズ、

商品番号:RG 0816
サイズ : 6 3/4cm
価格 : マレーシアリンギット


Sunday, 3 June 2018

Miniature beaded red bag Code: MB 3814 ミニ赤いビーズバッグ

Handwoven miniature beaded bags are fun to collect and display or to use as handbag accessory.
This miniature bag was woven with a cute little rose charm, bicone AB  beads in red and light pink and Japanese seed beads. These beads have a nice shimmery lustre. 
Super cute gift for  lovers of all things miniature 

Mini bag measures approx. 3 cm  in height from bottom to top of handle and approx. 3 cm  in width.
Code: MB 3814
Price : Ringgit Malaysia
高さ:ハンドルまでやく 3cm 横 : 3cm
商品番号:MB 3814
価格 : マレーシアリンギット

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Metal Rose flower ring メタルフラワーパーツリング  Code: RG 0815

Matte metal roses  in a lovely rosy  red and black  are woven with tiny Japanese seed beads ,Swarovski pearls and crystals.These  flower weave rings have a pleasing beaded strap  that lightly hugs your finger.Suitable for casual and formal dresses.
Ring Size: 6cm
Code: RG 0815
Price: Ringgit Malaysia
リングサーズ :6cm
商品番号 :RG0815
価格 : マレーシアリンギット

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Spiral Rope bracelet ビーズステッチ丸ビーズブレスレット Code: BR 1064

 Swarovski white pearsl, Swarovski crystasl AB and Toho white seed beads

ふんわりとした仕上がりの パールとスワロフスキークリスタルブレスレット。 
ビーズステッチで立体的にパールと水晶が連なっているから ふんわりとボリュームがあります。 
丸小ビーズは使用し わりとさくさく進められます。 

 Blue glass beads, Mother of Pearl and Toho bronze beads

Red glass beads, pink glass beads and Toho bronze beads


長さ :17cm
商品番号 : BR 1064
価格 : マレーシアリンギット

Spiral Rope bracelets.
Adorn yourself with this dazzling  bracelet
Transparent glass  beads/Swarovski Crystals/Swarovski Pearls/Mother of pearl  that are set off by alternating seed beads to form a swirling cacophony of color.  

Length: 17 cm

Code: BR 1064
Price: Ringgit Malaysia

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Flower motif bracelet 花モチーフブレスレット Code: BR 1063

2 flower motifs made with white pearls, Czech fire polished beads and seed beads.
These big and small flowers are flowing on top of circles of seed beads.
Length: 17 cm
Code: BR 1063
Price: Ringgit Malaysia

長さ :  17 cm
 商品番号:BR 1063
価格 :マレーシアリンギット

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Gray crackedl bead long necklace 様々なビーズ なネックレス Code: NE 129

長さ : 71 cm
アジャスター : 5 cm
商品番号 : NE 129
価格  :マレーシアリンギット

If you love something really unique and special which is one of its kind only, this necklace will be your choice.
Sophisticated, this is perfect for that extra touch to your fashion look.
Wear it out on a formal function or  have it with a simple casual attire.
 Length: 71 cm
 Extension chain : 5 cm
 Code: NE 129
 Price : Malaysia Ringgit

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

White acrylic bead necklace 白いビーズネックレス Code: NE 128

長さ : 39 cm and 40.5cm
アジャスター :5 cm
商品番号 :NE 128
価格 :マレーシアリンギット

Simple lovely white  bead necklace.
The beads are irregular white matte celluloid beads alternating with antique brown beads and turquoise beads.
Length: 39 cm and 40.5cm
Adjuster: 5 cm
Code : NE 128
Price : Ringgit Malaysia


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

グリーンネックレス  Green long necklace code: NE 127

長さ : 71cm
アジャスター : 5cm
商品番号 : NE 127
価格   :マレーシアリンギット

Beautiful long necklace made with various colors of seeds beads.
Difference shapes and colors of bigger beads brighten up the effect.
Perfect for normal casual dress to formal dress.
Length: 71 cm
Adjuster : 5 cm
Code: NE 127
Price : RInggit Malaysia.


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Beaded Owl ビーズでふくろう Code : BB 1305


  • サイズ:縦約3.5cm×横約3.5cm
  • 商品番号: BB 1305
  • 価格 :日本円とマレーシアリンギット

Little round owl made with seed beads.
Inside is an acrylic bead with a bell.
A charming accessory for handbags and cell phones.
Size : L 3.5cm  H 3.5cm
Code: BB 1305
Price: Japanese Yen and Ringgit Malaysia.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Miniature beaded bag Code: MB 3809 - MB 3813  ミニバッグ

作品サイズ/Size : 縦約:5cm . 横約:3cm
商品番号 Code  :MB 3809

作品サイズ/size : 縦約:3cm . 横約:3。5cm
商品番号 Code  :MB3810

 作品サイズ/size:約:3。2cm . 横約:3。5cm
商品番号 Code  :MB3811

 作品サイズ/size:縦約:3。6cm . 横約:3。6cm
商品番号 Code  :MB3812

 作品サイズ/size : 縦約:4cm . 横約:3。5cm
商品番号 Code  :MB3813

Lovely handmade miniature bag charms for ladies' handbags,
key holders and cellphones.
Price: Japanese Yen and Ringgit Malaysia.