Monday, February 21, 2011

アッパルのアイポッド Apple iPod touch

シンガポールの次女から米Apple第4世代iPod touchを頂いた。
顔を見て話せます。Facetimeが搭載され、iPod Touch でも
話します傾けたり、回転させたり、iPod touchで楽しめる annoy
アップルID を教えてくれませんか lovely

A New Year present from Michelle, my second daughter.
Apple iPod touch
The feature I used most is Facetime.
Facetime enable both parties to see each other face to face while chatting.
I have Facetime with my 5th sister, Christine from Fremont, California
almost everyday.
She showed me what she has done, beading of course and I showed her
what I was doing at the moment. It's very fun.
I have baby-talk with Michelle's daughter, Kara who is 2 years old and
Cherrie, 5 years old from Adelaide.
I would like to have Facetime with my craft friends who are in different parts of the world.
Care to give me your Apple ID and I will connect you. lovely

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