Wednesday, December 1, 2010

朝 食 - ド イ ツ 料 理 German Breakfast *Deutschsprachiges Fruhstuck*

Enjoying my German Food
The table was spread with dishes. Some dishes were still not here yet
when I took this photo.

Some cheese
Coffee, tea and orange juice corner.

メ ー デ ィ フ リ ー さ ん と 初 め て ド イ ツ 料 理 の 朝 食 パーティーへ 行 くき ま し た 。
多 く の 出 席 者 が あ っ た 。
食卓 に 沢 山 ド イ ツ 料 理 が 並 べ で あ っ た 。

It's my first time joining May de V for this German Breakfast at Malaysian
German Society as they were held on weekdays and I was still working then.
There were lots of delicious German food.
Members and guests were enjoying their time catching up with each other.