Wednesday, December 29, 2010

クロス。ステッチ - ジーパン Cross Stitch - Blue Jean

Full view of the jean

Let's make it the most comfortable bed for our baby.

The button hole
The frills of this pair of jeans. They look so real.

作品名 : ジーパン
メーカー : 不明
サイズ : 19 x 24 cm
糸 : DMC25
布 : 14カウント
作成期間 : 不明

葉や小枝をもたらし、新しい赤ちゃんのために巣を作って2それが私の目を引いたものです彼らジーンズポケットの中には作る.. ...天才的なアイディアがあるとしています

・図案用紙  価格 : RM 12

I completed this many years back stitching it during my
lunch hour and at weekends. It is very difficult to stitch
this at night cos the dark blue colors were very similar
and looking at the chart carefully to avoid making
mistakes is very time consuming but the end result is satisfaction.
I bought this photocopy design from a cross stitch shop
here and floss are not included with the pattern. First I
checked whether I have any floss that are available in
my stock before buying any as I have hundred skein
of threads in my boxes.
The 2 birds bringing twigs and leaves building the nest for their new baby is what that caught my eyes. They are going to have their little one in the jean's pocket...what a genius idea.

Size : 7 x 9.5”
Pattern for sale : RM 12