Monday, December 6, 2010

食事と 買 物 2 Food and Shopping 2

Nancy and I before we start off our shopping spree.
Catherine is camera-shy and so as our 4WD owner.
ネ ン シ さ ん と 買 物 し ま す 。
I love this pair of shoes. Found them in the morning wet market.
Little floral prints with lace, and of course, beads.
可 愛 い の花 柄 く つ 。 レ ー ス と ビ ー ズ 付 き
Looking around the book shop for beading books but spotted this tatting
book on the shelf, all written in Thai.
タ イ 語 の タッティング本 を 見 つ け た 。
Contents of this book. 目 録
タ イ 語 は 全 然 わ か り ま せ ん 。
Though I can't understand Thai at all, I love the designs in this book.
I have homework to do now. Must study the diagrams to understand
how to go about.
Part of the snacks I got from the market. The red packet is grilled
seaweed and is a little spicy. The green packet is fried seaweed.
This one is tastier than the red one cos it's really crispy.
Then the dried mangoes, buttered cashew nuts and
coffee flavor coated peanuts.
タ イ 産 味 付 け の り 、 乾 燥 マ ン ゴ ー 、バ タ ー カ シ ュ ー ナ ッ ツ と
コ ー ヒ ー 味 付 け ピ ー ナ ッ ツ 。

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Anonymous said...

I recognise your blouse :p
Love the shoes too! I think I would have bought it too :)
- mei