Monday, December 6, 2010

食事と 買 物 1 Food and Shopping 1

We went for some local Thai Food.
The food here are very much cheaper compared to Penang.
タ イ 料 理 を 食 べ ま し た 。

Prawn with vermicelli え び と 春 雨
Fish in Thai sauce タ イ ソ ー ス 魚
Fried oysters with egg 牡 蛎 卵
Veggie with garlic 大 蒜 青梗菜

A pink dress and a lace top.
1 night gown and 1 dress
1 dress and 1 blouse
We got our dresses and all other stuffs gift wrapped in these boxes by Central Departmental store. I only got 2 boxes, Nancy got 10 boxes and Catherine got 1o too, I think.
Both of them love shopping for clothes and shoes very much.


MELI-BEADS said...

I get hungry now looking seeing all this (a hungry hungarian):)))The food looks so tasty,yummy.
The clots you buyed are beutiful,and the shouse too.
Hope you'll have a really great time during your trip.
If you ever come to Hungary,I'd be happy to have you as my guest.Till then maybe we get to know eachother better.
Kisses and hugs,Meli.

old dog learns to blog? said...

Yummy! And nice shoes!