Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cross Stitch - Sun Rise クロス。ステッチ 日 の 出

何年も前に刺 し ま し た の 作 品 で す 。

実 は 、クロスステッチが、私は大好きですが、

毎 日 夜 中 ま で 刺した。 笑う
というの、上手にできるのは特 別 ですね。 ラブラブ

I have not done much stitching this year....yes, this whole year.
Everyday doing my beading, my paper craft and paper tole.
I have neither neglected my stitching nor going to give up but I just don't
have enough time to take up my needle to stitch.
Hiding in my multi-tier drawers, there are at least 5 cross stitch which are half-done.
I like to do a few projects at one time rather than finishing one and start another one.
I find it more fun in this way cos I will get bored working on the same project everyday.

This is one of the pictures I love. I love to stitch big project.
The pattern I bought was very cheap, RM5 only.
The pattern was printed on a red paper with black ink.
My eye balls almost *pop up* while stitching with this kind of paper pattern.
No choice.....I just love this design.


old dog learns to blog? said...

This is a beautiful picture !

Anonymous said...

I remember this picture! took you forever to finish :p
- mei