Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cherrie's lunch box 今日のお弁当のおかず何?

毎日代替 素晴らしいできですよね。 aya
Daido has many cute egg moulds. The car and fish set is 100 Yen.
First, boil the eggs and shelled while they are hot. Put the hardboiled
egg into the mould and close up.
Drop them into a bowl of water to cool, around 10 mins.
Hooray...they are ready.

Cherrie has the most delicious lunch box in class.


mo said...

such a neat idea. so didu make lunch for her?

Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

Not everyday..this kuai mui likes to eat bread with cheese but she asks for these eggs everyday.