Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adelaide - Penang

一ヶ月間の旅行今日終ります。A month long holiday ends today.
At Adelaide airport, after immigration non-passengers can also enter this area to shop
around and bid bye-bye to friends and relatives thru the glass panes.
Prices of goods here are inclusive of GST.
Some of the shops selling true Australian souvenirs ...koala bears, kangaroos,
Tasmania devils......

This aircraft has no switch to shut off the air-cond and I was extremely cold.
Covered myself with the blanket from my shoulder till my legs.

It looks yummy...
appetizer :marinated shrimp with Greek style pasta salad
main course: I took sweet and sour pork with steamed rice.
dessert : lemon layered cake
cheese and crackers, roll and butter, coffee
I took a glass of white wine.
I never complained about in-flight food served by Singapore Airlines but
this sweet and sour pork was really a failure. The meat are so salty
and it might as well called - salty pork with steamed rice.
Refreshment : Fried noodles with vegetable and pork.
Apple juice and coffee.

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