Saturday, May 28, 2011

ドイツ協会オープンデーヤフリーマーケット写真 Pictures of MGS Open Day and Flea Market

Margaret and I
Margaret's gift boxes/pin cushion
Margaret's key holders
The cake corner
My neighbor. I bought a Disney coloring book from here and Margaret bought a Christmas tree. Two of us also done some shopping *O.O*


次回の手作り市は明日リ ッ タ ル ペ ナ ン サ ン デ ー マ ー ケ ッ トです。お待ちしております。

Today is our first time joining Malaysian German Society Open Day and Flea Market.
The weather is cool with light breeze and beautiful blue sky.
Margaret and myself enjoyed the German sausage and cup cakes selling there.
They are really delicious.
Thank you very much to the customers who came by our booth admiring our handicrafts and also those who bought from us.


old dog learns to blog? said...

OIC! I thought MGS is 'Methodist Girls' School"!!!!?? No wonder I saw an event going on the the MBS field last evening ; is it related to MGS open day?? Aiya..missed the German sausage that intended to try all these while ; but luckily I had something related; German pork knucke for dinner last night @ Times Sq Food Gallery! The crowd is massive!

Sumire Craft - すみれ手芸  said...

Not related to MBS..the building is just next to each other. I didn't know you like German sausages...