Wednesday, May 18, 2011

春のビーズドレス Bead Dress - Milk  Code: MIDR 305

Front view 前姿
side view 側姿
back view 後姿

やっぱり トルソーがグラマーだよね
aya これは本のレシピ通りですが、レシピ指定の色とは違います。 

商品番号 : MIDR 305

Usually I buy bead dress kit but for this I followed the beading recipe in my bead magazine.
As I don't have the same materials stated in the book, I just mix and match the colors with
any beads that I can find.
This beautiful dress is creation by Hiroto San.
I missed a bead immediately after the waist line but didn't realize it until the 2nd last row.
I redo all over as I do not want a single mistake in my work.
Height of torso : 8cm /3 "

Code: MIDR 305


Cari said...

Que cosita mas precioso!!!!!!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful little dress!!! I love it!!!!!

Paky said...

Hello Angeline, I've been a timeout, I enter your blog today and the first thing I see is this
sweet little dress is a cuques !!!!! I congratulate you beautiful.