Saturday, May 14, 2011

ペットネックレス "N" と キティちゃんチャーム Pet Necklace with "N" and Kitty Cat charm

Nana with her new necklace. She is so happy.

Custom made for Nana.
Another necklace made with faceted pink beads with small gold beads.
Alphabet "N" stuck with sparkling 'diamonds' added an extra touch of beauty.

The white necklace is made with Swarovski pearls of Austria.
Hanging in the necklace is a 'diamond' kitty cat with a red stone flower.

Nana is a lucky girl. All these are presents from her owner, Mr and Mrs Horie.

Code: PA 7703 pink faceted bead
PA7704 Swarovski Pearls
Price: depends on the length and charm used

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