Wednesday, January 26, 2011

天然石トルコと白いビーズネックレス Turquoise with white semi precious stone necklace Code: NE 113

明るく元気な雰囲気のネックレスに仕上げました coldsweats01
長さ : 46 cm
商品番号 : NE 113
価格 : RM 20

An elegant necklace with round turquoise beads between
white and milky white semi precious stones.

A lovely necklace made around your neck.

As they are interspersed with small irregular stones

that blend well with the pretty turquoise colored stones.

this dramatic necklace requires a plain white or black dress

or a low cut blouse that will enable this gorgeous necklace to be seen at its best.

Length: 46 cm (19 inches)

Code: NE 113

Price : RM 20