Friday, January 7, 2011

おせち料理 Japanese New Year dishes

Spread of gourmet food.
German beer. Very tasty and expensive.

This is New Year dishes.
Origami cranes and Japanese chopsticks stand.
Grilling the chicken wing.



Celebrated Japanese New year at Mr. and Mrs. Horie's condominium.
Dine in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere. .with sea view along Gurney Drive.
Mrs. Yukimi Horie prepared all home cooked new year dishes herself.
She has professional culinary skills for both home and entertainment party
and can cook a spread of gourmet food quick and easy.
Name of the dishes....Kuromame, Tazukuri, Kazunoko, Chikuzenni,
Renkon Kinbira, Yakitori Tebasaki, Yasai Sarada, Chuka Kyuri Otsukemono,
Wakame to Kyuri no shirasuzu no sunomono and
buta hire no yahata maki (Italian style).


old dog learns to blog? said...

Tempting !

Angeline Yoshiko said...

Comments at Sumire Face Book.
Jan Leong Q colorful one
Friday at 1:12pm ·
Michelle Lum waa so many plates.. wash like siao :p
Friday at 2:19pm ·
Mei Ooi how come didnt put in bento box? so no need to wash so mnay plates - from last year till next year.
Friday at 3:08pm ·
Cindy Yuen San Lum Yeah I want to say I'm glad I'm not the one doing the dishes
Friday at 5:02pm ·
Michelle Lum just spotted paper birds in the dish! cute!
Friday at 5:11pm · L
Cindy Yuen San Lum It's indeed very detailed and well laid out not to mention all the yummy food as well but I guess most of us noticed the number of things to be washed first hehe. Horie-san certainly put a lot of effort into this.
Friday at 6:47pm ·
Mabel Lum Horie's restaurant has indeed lived up to its name.. mummy you're so lucky to have a good chef as a friend!
Friday at 7:58pm ·
Angeline Yoshiko Leong
Mr. Horie did the washing of dishes. Mrs. Yukimi Horie cooked and I just help a bit. I don't do any washing. Yukimi said is her husband duty, otherwise he has nothing to do after meal. *sigh*
This is why Japanese food look so it is.
Each and everyone of us has our own set of food. No picking food from one common plate with your chopsticks and lay your saliva there.
Jan had home dinner with the Hories once.See More
Saturday at 6:34am ·
Jan Leong Q it is alright to share food from a common plate when there is a common chopstick/fork to be used specifically for picking up food and bringing it to the indvidual's plate.
6 hours ago ·