Monday, November 1, 2010

ローズのV字ネックレス V shape flower + zilconia necklace

由美子日下さんは人気Webサイト*Honey Bees*主宰。

A necklace kit bought in Sannomiya, Japan.
This kit is created by Miss Yumico Kusaka who designs jewelry and owns a web shop
under the brand name Honey Bee in Japan.
This piece is both casual and formal - dress it up or down as you wish .
Zilconia , flower parts with color stones , Swarovski bicones and matching tone
of various sizes of pearls to complete the V shape look.


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful!!!!!! pretty beads!!!

*Manja* said...

LG, *Manja*

Cristina said...


Cristina said...

Please visit my blog...I have an award for you

old dog learns to blog? said...

I am attracted by this piece !

old dog learns to blog? said...
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Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

Cristina...I opened yr page but all in Spanish and my PC cannot translate. Yr msg "pls vist my blog. I have an award for you"
Can you give me the text in English.
Sori for the inconvenience.

MELI-BEADS said...

Romantic piece.i like it!