Thursday, September 9, 2010

三編みネックレス Plaited Pearl Necklace Code: NE 109

価格 RM
商品番号 NE 109
An elegant plaited necklace with petit seed beads with potato pearls.
Price: RM
Code NE 109


old dog learns to blog? said...

Very nice piece. Have you forgotten to list the price ?

p.s. You genius, how do you manage to 'show' the profile ?

Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

I posted my question on blogger forum
and got it done with their answers.
Great help, really

mo said...

jie - nice.. next year i balik kampong we can do more.. i still have those beadkits in its original packing!

Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

Bring back all the kits and I will finish them for you. good leh,
you buy and I do.

NemVal said...

Dear Sumire,
your version is beautiful, too (congratulations), but I got the inspiration from here:

I'm glad to meet you in my blog.

Sorry, I'm afraid, my English is'not good enough.