Friday, 6 July 2018

Japan Toho bead stitch ruby gown TOHOビーズステッチドレスルビーカラー Code: MIDR 315

トルソー(本体)高さ/約 14 cm.

商品番号:MIDR 315 

価格 : マレーシアリンギット

A beautiful bead stitch gown bought 2 yrs ago. (*:*)

The instruction is very complicated and I have to
redo 3 times.
It's so gorgeous and the frill at the bottom of the
skirt is the most lovely part.
The nylon thread is One ・G by Toho Co Ltd.
It doesn't fray or split and the quality is very good
compared to other nylon thread I used before.
Height of mannequin : 14cm
Waist : 9cm
Frill at the bottom of the skirt : L to R is 12cm
Code: MIDR 315
Price: Ringgit Malaysia

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