Thursday, February 25, 2016

ビーズのポケットティッシュケース☆グリーン Beaded Pocket Tissue Case Code: TC 1551

 サイズ : 10.5cm x 8cm
商品番号 : TC 1551
価格 : 日本円 と リンッギ  

Pocket tissue case beaded in green.
Design is the same as the previous one except the center part on the front
is Swarovski crystals.
A lovely gift or present to the ladies.
The pattern is not complicated but time consuming. 
I took 4 days to complete this.
A total of 27 rows of beads are requited to make one tissue case. 

Size:   10.5cm x 8cm
Code:  TC 1551
Price : Japanese Yen and Malaysia Ringgit

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