Sunday, February 22, 2015

ビーズで編むマット Bead Stitch Doily Code : MAT BS 9501

                         フリル curly

チャイニーズニューイヤー の新挑戦
実は完成品の 直径8.3cmなので
ほんとは 平らなのよ
失敗。。。 ヾ(ღ◕ܫ◕)ノ⊹⊱㋩㋺㊀⊰⊹ヽ(◕ܫ◕ღ).。*゚

商品番号 : MAT BS9501  

A new challenge for CNY ~ Bead stitch doily
The actual size is 8.3cm but....when I finished, it's only 8cm.
The first few rows are still flat but slowly it becomes curly as I go on.
Tension is not uniform
Will make another one to perfection. 

Code:  MAT BS9501

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