Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Straits Quay手作り市ありがとうございました My craft booth at Straits Quay 16th & 17th Nov 13


As school holidays already started, there were lots of people
coming to Straits Quay for food and taking photos.

Many customers stopped by my booth browsing my handicrafts.
Thank you for your kind support and encouragement.

Though I was quite upset becos one of the vendors came to me
and told me that I should not do this and that. She even advised
me not to sell other things besides my crystal accessories.
What right has she got to tell me what to do.I quote my price 
not sky high cos I don’t believe in bargaining. I was so stressful for the
2 days. Oh God, hope I won’t be put besides her booth again.

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