Tuesday, August 14, 2012

イヤホンジャックアクセサリー*スイーツ* Earphone jack accessory ~ mini sweets series

 Smart phone plugy mini sweets series ~ black earphone jack
Code:  IPP 1201
Price: RM 10 ea

 Smart phone plugy mini sweets series ~ white earphone jack
Code : IPP 1202
Price: RM 10 ea

Smart phone plugy mini sweets series ~ black and white earphone jack
Code: IPP 1203
Price: RM 12 ea

Smart phone plugy forks
Code: IPP 1204
Price: RM 10 ea


商品番号: IPP 1201, IPP 1202 & IPP 1204
価格   : 一個 RM 10

商品番号: IPP 1203
価格    : 一個 RM 12

Don’t expose your iphone to dust and moisture.
These iphone accessories can be used on any smartphone,music player or any devices with an earphone jack of 3.5mm
Give your smartphone the unique charm which is cute and lovely.


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Nice collection!!!!!!! very pretty!!!

MELI-BEADS said...

Hello Angeline!
This are all so beautiful.