Tuesday, July 31, 2012

旅行の買い物 Holiday Shopping

Jojoba oil from the pharmacy. The golden color is so beautiful. 
Koala bears accessories and jewerly stands.
Wooden jewerly stand...top and bottom spolit on transit from Adelaide~Penang 
Fridge magnet,black and white cat salt and pepper shakers
Iron stand also broken.
Mabelline matte mousse, low boots, scraf, Paprika handbag and LeSportsac travelling bag. A limited edition made exclusively for Hong Kong boutiques.
 Thank you to my 2 angels and my son-in-law for all these gifts and souvenirs.

A$1 = RM3.25の両替レートはトテモ高いので、

The biggest joy of holiday is shopping.
These are part of the treasures I got on my recent trip to Adelaide
With high exchange rate of A$1 = RM 3.25 
to me even a simple meal at the food court costs a fortune.
In Penang, Hokkien Mee is around RM3 to RM4 a serving
In Adelaide, it’s around A$8 = RM 25
Not to mention other cuisine we had in the restaurants.

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