Monday, October 24, 2011

☆星 Beaded Xmas Star Code: XMAS 2509


商品番号 : XMAS 2509
価格 : RM

These are Xmas stars beaded with Swarovski crystals and Japanese beads.
They can be a beautiful pendant, a decoration hanging at your window, your
Christmas tree or even on your dining table.

These are available at my stall at Little Penang Street Market this coming Sunday and also at Straits Quay Craft Market on 5th & 6th November. You can see the full range of colors and pick your favorite to decor your house.

When decorating for the holiday season, remember to decorate the dining room table too. You want your guests to feel the holiday season mood immediately upon entering the dining room. Decorating the table for the Christmas dinner is a great way to make the day even more memorable. These shinning starts will be part of your choice of ornaments.

Code: XMAS 2509

Price: RM  

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