Monday, August 8, 2011

LPSM 手作り市  LPSM 31st July 2011

My crystal accessories and paper craft
Margaret's felt craft
Kara Ooi - my niece
Kara Ooi from Fremont, California
Mr. James - organizer of LPSM
LPSM 5th anniversary cake



米国からの姪、カーラ ウイちゃんに手伝ってもらって、私のアクセサリーをアレンジ
今日も暑かったせいか お客さんが、いつもより少ないみたいでした




※       ※        ※        ※

Late update of my month end craft market at Upper Penang Road.
31st July marked the 5th anniversary of LPSM.
All vendors had a share of the cake given by the committee.

I had my niece, Kara Ooi from Fremont, California helping me
to set up my booth.

It was really hot and humid even with the wind coming sometimes.
I think Kara enjoyed being there despite the hot weather.
She went shopping around
 in the craft market and got some lovely things.

Margaret's angry birds sold like hot cakes. She stayed up late till wee hours of the morning to make these popular character.

Thank you to all my customers who stopped by and also who bought some of our crafts

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Enma said...

¡Que tienda mas replata de cosas que nos interesan!!!!!!! ¡0h, que felicidad!!!!!!!!!1