Monday, August 24, 2009

Birds, and Bees & Butterflies..

I have been quite slacking in my beading. It has been almost 6 months since I worked on any real projects. I thought I'd forget how to decipher those right angle weave, or those thingamajigs, with a red and blue line weaving from point a -> z. My eyes were glazed over when I opened up a kit that my sis gave me during my trip to Penang in July09. She is ever so generous. Even I said "No" to some of the "bling-bling" she insisted on giving me (yes, malu to take so much from her), yet when I am back and opened my luggage, there it is, surprise from her. She just stuffed it in. Thanks sis. [blushing] I finally managed to get my act together (didnt want to dissapoint my sis, that I am such a slack student), I did made something. The beer mug is done, and some others too. I love the butterfly pendant. It is so easy to make. For someone like me who is always trying to find time - hard to juggle btw my beading life, family time, work, and watching korean dramas, I have to do something fast, easy, and most of all must be v cantik too. -- one has to be kiasu no matter what. that's one of my mottos - or survival in life. These pics were taken by my 13yr old daughter using her DSI. The resolution is not that high, and quite pixelated. But it serves it purpose. I have made two more butterflies - using olivine and ruby this morning. It turned out quite charming. That's it - will be xmas gifts. The honey bee is quite charming too...
okay, no birds yet .. the kits are still in Penang! .. is ladybug a bird?

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Cindy Yuen San said...

Ladybug is not a bird! It's an insect hehe.. can't wait to see your birds and the other animals... :-)