Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mini Gown Book /ビーズで編むプチドレス

Now I am absorbed in making mini gowns. Got this book at Popular Book
Shop. I got the silver and black torsos from Japan.
As all the recipes are in table instrustions, it will be very tough for me.

しかし全部の レシピは表格式で、大変です。


mo said...

that's def not for the faint of heart (ie moi). esp all with seed beads. sis - am sure you can do it with the table instructions. you hv translated the Jap for me before and I did two dinosaurs from it. so it shuld be no-problem one. just post the gown after you are done! .. and Happy CNY!!!

Anonymous said...

ehh... funny style :)