Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fuchsia SW 6090 necklace/スワロフスキー6090 ネックレス

My sis Mei Ooi ordered this kit from Beads Factory, Japan. Since she is in US now, I make this

necklace using her recipe but my own beading materials. The color of the triangle 2.5mm beads is slightly difference from the original kit. It took me one whole day to finish cos the round parts are very small.

2ヶ月前、米国の妹がBeads Factoryに注文いただいていたネックレス。私は自分の材料で作りました。スワロフスキー6090、5301 と 5203 (キットは5500) で作りました。


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Anonymous said...

Hey I recognised the 6090 crystal! :p
- mich