Monday, October 6, 2008

The Land Before Time

I did it! hey sis thanks for all the translation.
yes, we have been IM last nite, and I have been sending
pics of the instructions to her for translation.
Finally, after all the gruelling and head scratchings,
~~~Dino is born and she is Green!
how appropriate. [going Green]
Now I have to nurse my arthritic fingers.
this is done with 3mm SW - over 148 in all.
It is worth it. k has been waiting for
Dino for months now. Yes, it is indeed worth waiting for!
She is a v happy camper now and so is mommy
Sis - wanna try doing it? if i can do it , so can you :)

Now she is asking for a different dino;
a sibling or cousin
The long neck in blue zircon
alamak .. I pengsan

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Cindy said...

Lucky K!