Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beading Books/ビーズの本

This doggie beading book is a present from my Japanese friend, Keiko Ikeda san.

A present from my Japanese friend, Yoko Yamashita san. This is the latest issue of Beads Friend.
とっても嬉しいです。私はビーズの本を読みたいです。ビーズを一日のうちのどこかで見るだけでも幸せ~ (^O^)


Mei said...

oo.. i love it! i can see the "doggies" now.

Elisabeth Braun said...

I love getting stitching books and magazines in different languages too! I have some in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and even Finnish!

angeline said...

Hi Elisabeth
Thank you for dropping by. I love
Japanese craft books as their designs are unique and elegant. So far I have collected book on paper clay, cross stitch, hardanger,patchwork, ribbon embroidery and beading. I can read and write in English, Chinese, Malay and Japanese.