Friday, January 25, 2013

MIYUKI スイーツチャーム テコレーションケーキ・カット Miyuki Sweets Charm ~ Decoration Cut Cake

MIYUKI スイーツチャーム テコレーションケーキ・カット


クリームの上にお花のように フルーツなどを飾ってこんな感じに



 みなさま 素敵な週末を


Sweets Charm kit by Miyuki, Japan

Using candy bead,teardrop beads,long diagonal beads and acrylic
leave for decoration on the creamy top resembling fruits and flower decoration.

A small piece of beaded lace at the bottom added an extra 
decor for this tempting afternoon tea sweets.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

とりたま Beaded Little Birds Code : BB 1301

L: Orange seed bead with gold lining, metal beads, acrylic bead and Swarovski crystal with purple bell
 R:  Rainbow purple beads/light green/yellow seed bead,acrylic bead and Swarovski crytal with gold bell

 Side view
Full View
 L: Matte apple green/matte pink, matte cream seed bead, acrylic bead and Swarovski crystal with green bell
 R: Matte white seed bead,acrylic bead and Swarovski crystal with red bell
 Full view
Side View

ストラップにつけて、ベールの 音を好きので、一緒につけた

商品番号 : BB 1301
価格    : RM 10 each

Beaded little birds with Japan seed beads and Swarovski crystal.
Dress up your purse, handbag or mobile phone with these
stylish petit accessory.
Look out for more designs and colors to be out soon.

Code : BB 1301
Price : RM 10 each
Size  : 15cm x 10cm

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ウェディングドレス*Chloe* - tutu beads Wedding Dress Series *Chloe* Code: MIDR 308

 Front View
 Back View
 Side View
Frill at bottom of skirt

tutuさんのキット ~ Chloe

商品番号 : MIDR 308

Bead dress kit by tutu*bead, Japan
Bought it thru my friend in Japan and was in my to-do-list for some time
The skirt is done by right angle weave with size 11/0 seed beads
Rhinestones and Swarovski beads added an extra elegant to the finishing
There are two colors to choose from and I prefer pink than white for this design.
Code: MIDR 308