Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hahndorf - Historic German Town in Adelaide Hills

      Welcome to Hahndorf - Historic German town in Adelaide Hills
       More infor at Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills 
       Check out history of this beautiful settlement town.
                 Lunch at The Hahndorf Inn
             Decoration inside the Hahndorf Inn - deer head
    Sausage combo and roast meat - The Hahndorf Inn's significant menu
     I love this signboard, so creative.

Bought two jewerly stands from this shop, Hahndorf Flowers.  Beside the shop, there is a little garden with lots of beautiful flowers.  They sell fresh flowers in this shop too.
I sent this link to Vanessa of Hahndorf Flowers and this is her reply:
Thank you Angeline! It was lovely to see my shop on your blog! I hope you continue to enjoy your journey!
From Vanessa
Hahndorf Flowers
 This shop sell all kinds of tassels.  They even have tassels earrings.


SzeYean said...

a nice place...

Agnes Sim said...

i've follow your blog. nice beading u have here. ^_^ I know ur blog from susien there.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.